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Displacement applications start to come in

The low-power stations that are being displaced by the repacking of the broadcast spectrum that starts late this year must either file for a new frequency, share with another station, or go silent.

Three of those stations have filed applications with the FCC to move to a new frequency. KEHO is filing for frequency 29, citing evidence that they feel show that the station won’t interfere in a meaningful way with full-power KITU Beaumont or KYLE Bryan-College Station.

Also filing are KHLM and KUVM-LD. However, these applications are mutually exclusive as they are both seeking frequency 10. The FCC will have to decide this one.

No applications for the other low-power stations have been filed yet.


Mi Casa Broadcasting links up with Mako

Mi Casa Broadcasting has announced a distribution deal with Mako Communications to put the MCBN signal into 19 markets, including a return to the Houston airwaves.

Mako owns KUVM-LD channel 10 and KUVM-CD channel 34 in the Houston market. No word yet on which channel MCBN will land on.

QVC takes over from Cubana and more changes

KUVM-LD channel 10.1 has had a slight shuffle in its subchannels. Cubana de Televisión is gone from 10.1, replaced by QVC, which slides up from 10.4. Revenue Frontier infomercials move up from the now-gone 10.7 to 10.4.

TeleRomantica has vanished from KUGB 28.8. Meanwhile, channel 28.5, formerly Distinction TV, has been replaced by a loop of kids’ shows including Mustard Pancakes.

And KYAZ 51.5 has launched VietTV24, a Los Angeles-based channel.

It’s alive! ALIVE! “Zombie” KQHO comes to life, plus more channel changes

There’s lots of channel changes tonight, so grab the remote and your scorecard and let’s start scanning.

The big news tonight is that one of Houston’s “zombie” stations has finally come to life! KQHO-LD is broadcasting over channel 20, former frequency home of KTXH, and is identifying with its former analog channel number (from back when it was alive in Beaumont), channel 56. KQHO is transmitting from downtown Houston along with its sister, KZHO.

Other channel changes to look for:

KUVM-LD 10.4 adds QVC, and Revenue Frontier infomercials slip down to 10.7.

KVVV has found a tenant for 15.7. The Perfect Creation Network (281-330-0273 or 832-893-7433) is running a promotional loop heralding an April launch with home shopping, news, movies, talk and Christian programming.

Thanks also to Bryan S. for the tip on KHLM 43.4 switching to infomercials.

Finally, KUVM-CD 34.3 RTV moves down one slot to 34.4, making way for QVC in 34.3. Also, 34.2, lately TheCoolTV, is now showing color bars and no PSIP short name (the seven-letter tag you see when tuning in to the station).

Rescan alert: KUVM-LD finishes its frequency change

KUVM-LD has completed its frequency change from channel 40 to channel 22. The station will still show up on your tuners as channel 10, but you will need to rescan to continue receiving Televisión de Cubana on 10.1, Jimmy Swaggart’s Sonlife Broadcasting Network on 10.2, Almavision on 10.3 (currently just color bars), infomercials on 10.4 and 10.5, and Islamic channel Peace TV on 10.6.

KUVM-LD’s new signal looks to be much improved at my house. Sister KUVM-CD (channel 34) is coming in better as well.

KUVM-LD starts to fill out its subchannels

More religious programming and more infomercials are in store for viewers of Mako’s KUVM-LD, channel 10.

New on channel 10.3 is the Spanish-language religious offering Almavision.

The Revenue Frontier infomercials formerly on 10.3 have moved to channel 10.4. Infomercial channel Wizebuys is new on channel 10.5.

KUVM-LD finally finds its new home

Mako’s low-power KUVM-LD, PSIP channel 10 but broadcasting over channel 40, has been the nomad of the Houston airwaves, seeking to escape adjacent-channel interference from KUBE. First, the station applied for channel 14. That application was eventually dismissed because the FCC felt Mako didn’t adequately state its case that it was being interfered with.

Not to be deterred, Mako then applied for channel 18. However, that frequency is adjacent to land-mobile uses, and therefore would not be able to be granted.

The station’s latest application has now been granted. This will move KUVM-LD from channel 40 to channel 22. No need to rescan just yet, though, as the construction permit has just been issued.

Color bars are bustin’ out all over

Mako Communications has been hard at work adding new subchannels to its two stations. Color bars are now airing on KUVM-LD channel 10.1 (once home of GBC World News), and KUVM-CD channel 34.4 (formerly AMGTV) and new subchannels 34.5 and 34.6.

KUVM-LD trying yet again for a new channel

Poor Mako Communications. It’s having trouble finding a new home for KUVM-LD (channel 10), currently broadcasting on channel 40. In November 2010, it applied for displacement to channel 14, claiming it was being interfered with by KUBE. In April 2011, the FCC put the onus on KUVM-LD to prove that it was actually being interfered with, or risk having the application dismissed.

They tried again last month, applying for channel 18. That application has not been disposed of yet, but Mako must not be confident that it will get that new channel, because they have now filed to move to channel 22. That’s adjacent to low-power KVQT on channel 21, and full-power KLTJ on channel 23.

KUVM-LD now trying for channel 18

KUVM-LD (identifying as channel 10) had filed in November 2010 to move from channel 40 to channel 14, citing interference from KUBE, which is broadcasting over channel 41.

In April 2011, the FCC put the onus on KUVM-LD to prove that it was being interfered with, or risk having the application dismissed.

Now, the station is trying again, applying to move from channel 40, this time asking for channel 18.

It’s possible they may find the search for an interference-free frequency difficult. Channel 18 is adjacent to KTXH, which is broadcasting over channel 19, as well as land-mobile users on the channel 17 frequency.