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Now a real zombie station: KVDO back from the dead

I reported back in September that low-power KVDO-LP’s license had been revoked for failure to broadcast for a 12-month period.

The station has now been undeleted from the FCC’s records. In the letter to Far Eastern Telecasters, the FCC said “Far Eastern Telecasters, Inc. filed a timely petition for reconsideration, supported by the declaration under penalty of perjury of its President, stating that while the station was taken off the air on November 10, 2009, it resumed operation on March 15, 2010. Far Eastern further states that its failure to notify the Commission that the station went back on the air was due to an accidental oversight.”

I am not saying here that Far Eastern’s president has perjured himself to the FCC. I am saying that in my daily scans of the TV band I have seen no sign of this station being on the air. (They may have been on at lightbulb power, and unable to be seen by anyone outside the area of the transmitter.)


Silent KVDO-LP now off the air for good

One of Houston’s former low-power stations won’t be making the switch to digital after all. KVDO-LP, formerly analog channel 25, had its license revoked by the FCC on Monday for failing to broadcast during a consecutive 12-month period.

Its sister, KJIB-LP, former analog channel 5, may not be far behind, as it has been silent for more than a year as well.