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2V preparing to move up the dial

Local microcaster 2V Television, currently on KVQT channel 21.4, has announced its pending move to KTBU channel 55.4. The ID slide mentioned “canal 55.4 proximamente” (channel 55.4 soon), but no specific date.

Channel 55.4 is currently simulcasting channel 55.1’s MegaTV signal in standard definition.


Three more subchannels pop up, A.M.E.N moves

Not to be outdone by KZHO’s addition of three new subchannels to bring its signal count up to 8, KVQT channel 21 has turned on three new subchannels. Color bars are currently airing on channels 21.7, 21.8 and 21.9.

And A.M.E.N TV, formerly on 21.5, now is broadcasting a “coming soon” slate on KUVM-CD channel 34.1. 21.5 is now showing Spanish infomercials.

38.6 gets a tenant, Rejoice gets a new home

A couple of subchannel moves today:

KZHO 38.6, which was activated the other day, is now showing a video announcing that it’s the home of “The Light Christian Network”.

And the Rejoice Network, formerly on KVQT 21.3, has found a home on KHLM 43.4.

KVQT subchannel shuffle

A new channel has premiered on KVQT channel 21.1. “ConexZion TV” airs Spanish-language religious programming.

The former tenant of 21.1, AMEN TV, has moved to 21.5, replacing Spanish-language infomercials.

New subchannel action on KVQT and KUGB

A couple of new channels popped up on the dial today.

Channel 21.3 is promoting a channel called Soy Latino TV. Below is their demo reel.

Also, a new channel labeled “OGM TV” is testing on channel 28.6. Their playlist (in Windows Media Player) shows religious programming.

Keys TV to channel 28?

I’m getting reports that Keys TV, formerly on KVQT channel 21.3, has moved to KUGB channel 28.1. Unfortunately I cannot receive channel 28 to confirm this.

Keys TV was forced off 21.3 by the relocation of Rejoice TV to that subchannel.

UTN announces move to 38.5

UTN, which was until recently on channel 21.1, has announced on its Facebook page that it is moving to channel 38.5:

“did u miss us?? Major station change announcement in the morning right here via live stream & Texas Talk! Hosted by “John Romar III”including our new Dallas Channel 21 that launches May 1!! Ssshhh, loll!! UTN is in our zone, we in our own zone, the rest have us throwwed off!! Houston new channel launches tomorrow on digital station 38.5!! Right before 39, cable needs to request us to be added, thanks!”

Meanwhile, back on the channel’s old home, Triunfo TV has signed on.

New urban channel coming to KVQT

And it’s taking the place of “Viva 22”, which didn’t last long on 21.6. Tonight a new promo reel began to run for Urban Houston Network. The reel consists of rap videos. The promo says the station will be starting on May 1.

Meanwhile on KUVM-CD 34.2, RTV is still on, but it looks like Mako is starting to pay attention to the station’s presentation with a new logo that has shown up during RTV’s commercial breaks.

UTN gone from 21.1; KYAZ trimulcast down to two

Tonight, programming from UTN is no longer present on KVQT 21.1. Instead, a slate advertising Triunfo TV, a Spanish religious channel, is on that channel.

There’s nothing on UTN’s web page or Twitter stream indicating that anything’s wrong. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.

Another change: One of KYAZ’s three subchannels that was airing Azteca América programming has stopped the simulcast. 51.2 is now airing English infomercials. 51.1 and 51.4 remain on Azteca.

Spanish music videos now on 21.4

The infomercial/public domain movie mix is gone from KVQT 21.4. In its place is a Spanish-language music video channel called “2Vsion”.

The station is advertising a Facebook address. (currently a placeholder) was created on March 8 by Ernesto J. Torres.