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Univision to host two new English channels this fall

Katz Broadcasting will be launching two new channels, female-skewed Escape and male-oriented Grit, this summer. Houston is among the first markets listed to receive the new channels, which will be aired as subchannels of Univision stations. Watch for the new channels on sunchannels of KXLN channel 45 this fall.

The other channel run by Katz CEO Jonathan Katz, BounceTV, will continue to air on Gannett’s KHOU 11.2.


Live mine rescue coverage

As can be expected the large Spanish networks are providing coverage of the Chilean mine rescue. Univisión is showing the rescue in a split screen with soccer. Telemundo is live as well.

If you’re looking for English-language coverage you’ll have to switch to CCTV News on 55.6.