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QVC takes over from Cubana and more changes

KUVM-LD channel 10.1 has had a slight shuffle in its subchannels. Cubana de Televisión is gone from 10.1, replaced by QVC, which slides up from 10.4. Revenue Frontier infomercials move up from the now-gone 10.7 to 10.4.

TeleRomantica has vanished from KUGB 28.8. Meanwhile, channel 28.5, formerly Distinction TV, has been replaced by a loop of kids’ shows including Mustard Pancakes.

And KYAZ 51.5 has launched VietTV24, a Los Angeles-based channel.


The subchannel shuffle

There are some new subchannel spottings this week on the Houston dial.

KVVV channel 15 has dropped EduSat from 15.8, marking that channel for lease. (Contact information on the dial page.) African-American-oriented Distinction TV has moved from KUGB 28.5 to KVVV 15.5.

Running a sizzle reel (more like a simmer reel) on KVVV 15.6 is KFTB, targeting Fort Bend County with “family programming, local content, sports, events and entertainment.”

LATV has moved from full-power KYAZ 51.6 to low-power KUGB 28.6.

KZHO 38.4 and 38.6 are airing an online radio station called “Manà, Un Sonido Diferente”.

New on KBPX 46.3 is Ion’s shopping channel, Shop TV. ShopTV won’t fit on Ion’s main station, KPXB, due to the Airbox MPEG-4 paycast.

KTMD 47.3, Soi TV, has gone off the air on all Telemundo stations nationwide. Its only air coverage now is on low-power stations in New York and Los Angeles.

KYAZ 51.5 has switched from Global TiVi to NT Entertainment. 51.6 is now showing infomercials.

And finally, KZJL 61.3 has turned on a test pattern.

While I was out…

A couple of channel shifts occurred while I was out of state on vacation last week.

KYAZ has shuffled LATV from 51.7 down to 51.6, taking the place of Inmigrante TV. New on 51.7 is Vietnamese-language channel Vietmax.


That was fast: LATV back on, at a new place on the dial

KPRC pulled LATV from its multicast the other day, after Post-Newsweek’s contract to run the channel ended.

LATV wasted no time finding another host station. As of today, LATV programs are airing on KYAZ channel 51.7.

¡Adiós, LATV!

KPRC has pulled LATV from its subchannel 2.3. I spoke with the engineering office a few minutes ago, and they told me the station’s contract to air LATV had ended.

Currently on 2.3 are color bars and a 1 kHz reference tone.

(Update: KYAZ has picked up LATV and put it on channel 51.7.)

Manuel Solis fills empty slot on KYAZ

A rolling infomercial for attorney Manuel Solis has appeared today on KYAZ 51.6.

Biz Television had thought they would be on this channel once KYAZ got the equipment. Houston area viewers will have to catch Biz Television on their internet stream.

KYAZ puts more Asian programming on

The anticipated move of Biz Television to KYAZ 51.5 looks like it is not going to happen. Today KYAZ turned on channel 51.5, but instead of Biz Television, it is showing a Vietnamese channel called “Global TV“.

I have reached out to Biz Television to get their reaction. Meanwhile, Biz Television can still be seen via their web stream.

Thanks to Aeroducks for the tip.

New Vietnamese channel coming to 51.2

The infomercials airing on KYAZ 51.2 have now been replaced by a Vietnamese-language channel.

Vietface TV Houston is testing, and this message is airing during the test:

Quý vị đang theo dỏi chương trình thủ nghiệm Vietface TV Houston sè chính thức phát hình vào một ngày gần đây. Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc 713-469-9000

Which Google tells me more or less means:

You are watching a test broadcast. Vietface Houston TV will be broadcasting soon. For more information please contact 713-469-9000

Vietface TV will be Houston’s fourth Vietnamese-language channel.

Bits ‘n’ pieces

A couple of quick notes today: Biz Television tells me that KYAZ is waiting for some new equipment to arrive and be installed before they’ll be back on channel 51.5.

It’s been a while since GBC World News has been on KUVM-LD channel 10.1. That subchannel has now been turned off and removed from the multicast.

And fans of attorney Manuel Solis have one less channel to watch him on. The all-infomercial En Directo channel on KTMD 47.3 has been turned off and removed from the multicast. Inmigrante TV continues on KTMD 47.2 and KZJL 61.2.

Biz Television up 0.2 in subchannel trading, moving from 51.3 to 51.5

Last night I posted about Saigon Network Television taking over Biz Television’s spot on KYAZ 51.3.

This morning I heard from Biz Television that they have moved to 51.5.

I have not yet been able to confirm whether KYAZ has turned 51.5 on yet. Once the subchannel is active, depending on your set, you may need to rescan to receive 51.5.