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The subchannel shuffle

There are some new subchannel spottings this week on the Houston dial.

KVVV channel 15 has dropped EduSat from 15.8, marking that channel for lease. (Contact information on the dial page.) African-American-oriented Distinction TV has moved from KUGB 28.5 to KVVV 15.5.

Running a sizzle reel (more like a simmer reel) on KVVV 15.6 is KFTB, targeting Fort Bend County with “family programming, local content, sports, events and entertainment.”

LATV has moved from full-power KYAZ 51.6 to low-power KUGB 28.6.

KZHO 38.4 and 38.6 are airing an online radio station called “Manà, Un Sonido Diferente”.

New on KBPX 46.3 is Ion’s shopping channel, Shop TV. ShopTV won’t fit on Ion’s main station, KPXB, due to the Airbox MPEG-4 paycast.

KTMD 47.3, Soi TV, has gone off the air on all Telemundo stations nationwide. Its only air coverage now is on low-power stations in New York and Los Angeles.

KYAZ 51.5 has switched from Global TiVi to NT Entertainment. 51.6 is now showing infomercials.

And finally, KZJL 61.3 has turned on a test pattern.


Three more subchannels pop up, A.M.E.N moves

Not to be outdone by KZHO’s addition of three new subchannels to bring its signal count up to 8, KVQT channel 21 has turned on three new subchannels. Color bars are currently airing on channels 21.7, 21.8 and 21.9.

And A.M.E.N TV, formerly on 21.5, now is broadcasting a “coming soon” slate on KUVM-CD channel 34.1. 21.5 is now showing Spanish infomercials.

38.6 gets a tenant, Rejoice gets a new home

A couple of subchannel moves today:

KZHO 38.6, which was activated the other day, is now showing a video announcing that it’s the home of “The Light Christian Network”.

And the Rejoice Network, formerly on KVQT 21.3, has found a home on KHLM 43.4.

How many subchannels can you fit into a signal? KZHO tries to find out

KZHO, channel 38, has bumped up its subchannel offerings from 5 to 8. 38.6 is on the air with a screen saver from a Sony DVD player. 38.7 and 38.8 currently have a test pattern.

38.5 gets a new tenant: Ebemision

A loop is now running on KZHO 38.5 advertising a new channel “Ebemision” coming soon. The loop gives a contact phone number of 713-499-0824.

“For lease” signs go up on 2 subchannels

Two subchannels of KZHO channel 38 are now displaying that they are available for lease.

Channel 38.3, formerly home of Rejoice Network, is for lease; the contact number given is 214-434-6357.

Channel 38.5, formerly Urban Television Network (which is now on KHLM 43.5), is showing scenes of a waterfall and religious music. Its contact number is 281-428-2765.

UTN moving from 38.5 to 43.8

Urban formatted channel UTN, broadcasting on KZHO channel 38.5, is announcing via its logo “bug” that it is moving to KHLM channel 43.8.

UTN programming is on the air on 43.8, albeit with different programs than are currently airing on 38.5.

It’s a positive move for the channel, putting it on a more powerful low-power station that is sited at the Missouri City tower farm, rather than a lower-powered station that is broadcasting from downtown.

Two new religious subchannels on the air

From Baton Rouge, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries’ Sonlife Broadcasting Network is now on the air on KUVM-LD channel 10.2. An Internet stream of this channel is available on Swaggart’s website.

Another new religious channel has also popped up. Rejoice Network, on KZHO channel 38.3, is targeting African-American viewers.

UTN announces move to 38.5

UTN, which was until recently on channel 21.1, has announced on its Facebook page that it is moving to channel 38.5:

“did u miss us?? Major station change announcement in the morning right here via live stream & Texas Talk! Hosted by “John Romar III”including our new Dallas Channel 21 that launches May 1!! Ssshhh, loll!! UTN is in our zone, we in our own zone, the rest have us throwwed off!! Houston new channel launches tomorrow on digital station 38.5!! Right before 39, cable needs to request us to be added, thanks!”

Meanwhile, back on the channel’s old home, Triunfo TV has signed on.

Another subchannel coming to channel 38

KZHO, the religious lowpowercaster transmitting from downtown Houston, has fired up another subchannel. Color bars are now showing on channel 38.5.